Men of Minas Tirith

O Gondor, Gondor!  Shall Men behold the Silver Tree, Or West Wind blow again between the Mountains and the Sea?"

Clear and Cold About the Tower its Loud Horn Calls

The city of Minas Tirith has stood for thousands of years as a beacon of hope for the Free Peoples of Middle-earth.  But in the twilight of the Third Age the gleam of the White Tower is only caught in the brightest light of a summer's day.  The Tower of the Sun has become the Tower of the Guard, the last bulwark against Mordor.  The White Tree that blossomed in the court of the citadel is long withered.  Stewards rule the city, for a king has not sat on the throne for many generations of Men.  These are the waning years of Gondor, and the kingdom stands upon the edge of a knife, suspended between hope and despair.

Yet still the Lords of Minas Tirith defy their enemies, guarding the passages of the Great River from Argonath to the Sea.  And their struggle is bitter.  The guards of the Citadel have only to look East to see Minas Morgul, the dreaded Tower of Sorcery, rising in a cleft in the Mountains of Shadow, and along the road leading to it, the ruins of their abandoned capital city, Osgiliath.  The Men of Minas Tirith know that to falter in their vigilance is to invite disaster to all they hold dear.

But this unceasing watchfulness has a price.  Once, the Dúnedain of the South were deemed to be wiser than other Men, excelling in skill and knowledge.  Today, the Men of Minas Tirith value prowess and the craft of weapons above all else, forgetting that in the treasuries of the city much ancient lore is preserved by long tradition.  But such is the need of their days, for the Shadow in the East is stirring, and the power of the Black Land is sleeping no more.


The Men of Minas Tirith are the descendants in the South of the Men of the West, the sea-kings who built the city in the time of the two kingdoms of Arnor and Gondor.  The wisdom and beauty that Elendil brought out of the West endured here long, but the line of kings finally died out, leaving the Stewards who followed them to recruit the strength of their people among other folks.

Today, the inhabitants of Minas Tirith are Men of the Twilight, tall and fair warriors with memories of ancient things.

The people of Minas Tirith dress in a manner that can be considered rich by outsiders.  They favor fur-lined cloaks, fine-woven garments in a diverse array of fabrics, and accessories simple in design but precious in materials, like collars and rings of silver or gold, set with precious stones.

Men of Minas Tirith Names

The Men of Minas Tirith traditionally name their sons and daughters using the Sindarin tongue.

Male Names: Adrahil, Amlaith, Anardil, Anárion, Anborn, Angbor, Arador, Araglas, Aragost, Arahad, Arahael, Aranarth, Arannel, Aranuir, Araphant, Araphor, Arassuil, Arathorn, Araval, Aravir, Aravorn, Argeleb, Argonui, Arvedui, Arvegil, Arveleg, Baranor, Belecthor, Beleg, Belegorn, Beregond, Beren, Bergil, Boromir, Celepharn, Cirion, Damrod, Denethor, Derufin, Dervorin, Dírhael, Duilin, Duinhir, Ecthelion, Egalmoth, Eldacar, Eradan, Faramir, Findegil, Finduilas, Forlong, Golasgil, Halbarad, Hallas, Hirgon, Hirluin, Húrin, Ingold, Iorlas, Mablung, Malbeth, Malvegil, Ohtar, Orodreth, Thorondir, Thorongil, Turgon.

Female Names: Gilraen, Ioreth, Ivorwen, Lothíriel, Morwen.

Standard of Living

Gondor remains rich with the wealth of trade, and although the Steward directs much of its resources towards preparing for war, its people live comfotably.  Because of this the Men of Minas Tirith are considered a Prosperous culture.

Bonus Equipment: A black travelling cloak, travelling gear for the current season, a bedroll, a backpack or saddlebags, comfortable boots, 5d6 silver pennies, plus choose any two: a hunting horn, ink and parchment, a whetstone for sword-sharpening, artisan's tools, a silver brooch depicting the White Tree.

Men of Minas Tirith Traits

Your character has certain traits deriving from your Gondorian ancestry.

Ability Score Increase – Your Intelligence score increases by 1 and you may increase any two additional ability scores by 1.

Adventuring Age: 16 to 40 – The Men of Minas Tirith don't usually become adventurers before their 16th year of age, and rarely continue beyond their forties, when they return to their cities to serve their family and Steward.

Size – Most Men of Minas Tirith stand between 5 and 6 feet tall.  Your size is Medium.

Speed – Your base walking speed is 30 feet.

Proud Heritage – You are proficient in the History skill.

Starting Virtue – You gain one Men of Minas Tirith Cultural Virtue of your choice.

Languages – You can speak, read, and write both Sindarin and Westron, the Common Tongue.











Men of Minas Tirith

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