Wood Elf Warrior-Archer, Hunted by Shadow


Wood-Elf, Warrior (Weapons-Master Archer)
Age: 120, Ht 5’6", Wt 130
Level 3

Str 11
Dex 16 (+ 2)
Con 12 (+ 1)
Int 10
Wis 16 (+ 2)
Cha 10

AC 15 (17 w Shield)
HP 25
SPD 30’
Prof Bonus + 2
Saves: Str, Con
Passive Perception 15

Languages: Common (speak), Woodland (Kirkwood Elf Language, speak), Sindarin (Elf Language, speak, read/write)

Skills: Stealth, Perception (Racial); Acrobatics, Athletics (Warrior); Survival, Insight (Hunted by Shadow background)

Proficiencies: all armor and shields, simple and martial weapons

Abilities: Night Vision (within 60’, dim light = bright light and darkness = dim light), Elvish Dreams (trance for 4 hours a night = full night of sleep), The Eyes of Elves (proficient in Perception), Whisper through the Trees (Stealth Proficiency, Advantage on Stealth in Forests & can hide if lightly obscured in forest), Fighting Style-Archery (+2 to all ranged attacks), Second Wind (Bonus Action, recover 1D10 + Lvl HPs per short/long rest), Action Surge (Can take one extra action in a turn, use 1x per short/long rest, can spend inspiration to give to an ally), Style Focus (Archery, with aim action, +2 to hit and no long range penalty), Birthright Weapon-Short Bow ( + 1 to hit/dmg, Advantage on persuasion and intimidation when carried)

Background: Hunted by Shadow
Troubling to the Wise:
You or your family’s deeds are well-known amongst the notables of Middle-earth and you have come to know many lords, Elves and even Wizards. Some of these you count as friends and others are merely names you can mention to be accorded food and shelter for the night.
Even your friends know that trouble follows you and they will do everything they can to help you on your way while keeping you as safe as possible. This means that you often have knowledge of the lesser-known hiding places and catacombs in the castles and cities that you visit.
Distinctive Quality: Quick of Hearing
Specialty: Fire-Making (You are adept at making do with what you have when you settle in for the night, wherever that may be, to keep the
eyes of the shadow off of you)
Hope: The Shadow has strengthened me in ways that I’m certain it did not anticipate nor desire.
Despair: I put my friends in danger just by being with them.

Shortbow: 1d6 + 5 to hit, + 3 to dmg, Rng 80/320. Quiver w/Arrows (20: – 3). + 2 more to hit with aim action
Broadsword: 1d8 +2, finesse
Belt Dagger: 1d4, finesse, light, Rng 20/60
Leather Corslet (AC 12 + Dex)
Shield ( + 2)

Gear: Traveling cloak, Backpack, a pouch, Belt Dagger, Grey blanket, wineskin, mess kit, flask of oil, Hemp rope 50’, Torches (5), Waterskin, Whetstone, Rations (49 lbs),

Money: 3d6 pennies



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